Resident Roster 2016-17

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Chief Residents

Vincent Chong, MD                      University of California, San Francisco
Shailvi Gupta, MD                        Dartmouth Medical School
Joanna Lim, MD                           Eastern Virginia Medical School
Francisca Maertens, MD              University of Chicago
Sarah Markham, MD                    Pennsylvania State University
Jessica Williams, MD                   Michigan State University
William Wood, MD                        University of California, San Francisco

Fourth Year Residents

Sarah Bradford, MD                       Ohio State University
Jahanara Graf, MD                         Howard University
Amanda Green, MD                        University of California, San Diego
David Martin, MD                            University of Minnesota
John Swanson, MD                         Wake Forest University

Third Year Residents

Jessica Brown, MD                          Howard University
Christine Castater, MD                     University of Connecticut
Joanne Edquilang, MD                     Tufts University
Anne Hardy-Henry, MD                    Howard University
Michelle Huyser, MD                        University of Minnesota
Kara Rothenberg, MD                      Virginia Commonwealth University
Darren Russell, MD                          University of Southern California 

Research Residents

Maggie Brooke, MD                               Case Western Reserve University
Kate Chomsky-Higgins, MD                   University of California, San Francisco
Laura Hyde, MD                                     University of California, San Francisco
Ashley Morgan, MD                                University of Oklahoma
Robert Tessler, MD                                University of California, San Francisco
Yasmin Zerhouni, MD                             Johns Hopkins University 

Second Year Residents

Genna Beattie, MD                                  Drexel University
Caitlin Cohan, MD                                   University of Rochester
Dana Dominguez, MD                             University of California, San Francisco
Sora Ely, MD                                           Tulane University
Clifton Ewbank, MD                                 University of Arizona
Danyal Fer, MD                                       Indiana University
Rebecca Gologorsky, MD                       University of California, Irvine 

First Year Residents


Segen Aklilu, MD                                       Morehouse School of Medicine
Simone Caccamo, MD                              University of Miami
Mihir Chaudhary, MD                                Harvard Medical School
Michael Davitt, MD                                    University of California, Davis
Camille Jackson, MD                                Meharry Medical College
Jordan Jackson, MD                                 Thomas Jefferson University
Annie Tang, MD                                        Medical College of Wisconsin 


Claire Adkins, MD (Anesthesia)                 Texas A&M Health Science Center
Yi-Chun Chen, MD (Dermatology)             National Taiwan University
Richard Chiang, MD (Anesthesia)             Indiana University
Brittany Harrison, MD (Radiology)             University of California, San Francisco
Sujoy Mukherjee, MD (Radiology)             University of California, San Diego
Frank Nguyen, DO (Phy Med & Rehab)    Touro University
Eric Tzeng, MD (Anesthesia)                     University of California, San Diego