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Chomsky-Higgins K, Seib C, Rochefort H, Gosnell J, Shen WT, Kahn JG, Duh QY, Suh I
Less is more: cost-effectiveness analysis of surveillance strategies for small, nonfunctional, radiographically benign adrenal incidentalomas.
Surgery, Jan-2018;163(1):197-204.
Gologorsky R, Hornik B, Velotta J
Surgical Management of Medically Refractory Tietze Syndrome.
The Annals of thoracic surgery, Dec-2017;104(6):e443-e445.
Tessler RA, Mooney SJ, Witt CE, O'Connell K, Jenness J, Vavilala MS, Rivara FP
Use of Firearms in Terrorist Attacks: Differences Between the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.
JAMA internal medicine, Dec-01-2017;177(12):1865-1868.
Brooke M, Patel A, Castro-Moure F, Victorino GP
Shedding new light on rapidly resolving traumatic acute subdural hematomas.
The Journal of surgical research, Nov-2017;219:122-127.
Brooke M, Victorino GP
Repeat computed tomography is highly sensitive in determining need for delayed exploration in blunt abdominal trauma.
The Journal of surgical research, Nov-2017;219:116-121.
Seib CD, Rochefort H, Chomsky-Higgins K, Gosnell JE, Suh I, Shen WT, Duh QY, Finlayson E
Association of Patient Frailty With Increased Morbidity After Common Ambulatory General Surgery Operations.
JAMA surgery, Oct-11-2017;[Epub ahead of print].
Chomsky-Higgins KH, Rochefort HM, Seib CD, Gosnell JE, Shen WT, Duh QY, Suh I
Recombinant Parathyroid Hormone Versus Usual Care: Do the Outcomes Justify the Cost?
World journal of surgery, Sep-19-2017;[Epub ahead of print].
Ivry SL, Sharib JM, Dominguez DA, Roy N, Hatcher SE, Yip-Schneider MT, Schmidt CM, Brand RE, Park WG, Hebrok M, Kim GE, O'Donoghue AJ, Kirkwood KS, Craik CS
Global Protease Activity Profiling Provides Differential Diagnosis of Pancreatic Cysts.
Clinical cancer research : an official journal of the American Association for Cancer Research, Aug-15-2017;23(16):4865-4874.
Parmar AD, Tessler RA, Chang HY, Svahn JD
Two-Stage Explantation of a Magnetic Lower Esophageal Sphincter Augmentation Device Due to Esophageal Erosion.
Journal of laparoendoscopic & advanced surgical techniques. Part A, Aug-2017;27(8):829-833.
Gupta S, Ewbank C, Kushner AL
A Letter to Program Directors: Global Surgery Rotations Are a Plus.
Journal of surgical education, 2017 Jul - Aug;74(4):543-544.
Ewbank C, Groen RS, Kushner AL, Gupta S
WhatsApp: An essential m-health tool for global surgeons.
Surgery, 06-2017;161(6):1745-1746.
Dominguez DA, Martin DT, Velotta JB
A case of video-assisted thoracoscopic resection of malignant transformation of pulmonary recurrent respiratory papillomatosis.
Journal of thoracic disease, Apr-2017;9(4):E364-E366.
Pantoja JL, Morgan AE, Grossi EA, Jensen MO, Weinsaft JW, Levine RA, Ge L, Ratcliffe MB
Undersized Mitral Annuloplasty Increases Strain in the Proximal Lateral Left Ventricular Wall.
The Annals of thoracic surgery, Mar-2017;103(3):820-827.
van Loenhout JA, Delbiso TD, Gupta S, Amatya K, Kushner AL, Gil Cuesta J, Guha-Sapir D
Barriers to surgical care in Nepal.
BMC health services research, Jan-23-2017;[epublish]17(1):72.
Morgan AE, Wozniak CJ, Gulati S, Ge L, Grossi EA, Weinsaft JW, Ratcliffe MB
Association of Uneven MitraClip Application and Leaflet Stress in a Finite Element Model.
JAMA surgery, Jan-01-2017;152(1):111-114.
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